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Our hope is for the new site being to be opened by: December 2019
We have chosen our partner for this project RocketLabs and as of now, we are beginning the immense work on the new database which includes building a completely new frontpage that actually works and retrieves the information in the database.

What we have done so far:

  • Solved problems on the site, translation to additional languages, adjustments on all terms and informationpages.
  • Solved issues with our Paypal Account
  • Moved the database to Swedish servers with more capacity and a larger drive
  • Quotes are being reviewed 
  • The decision to request quotes from various reputable firms to do the error fix and get the site back up
  • Research, error-mapping and budget work
  • the database is moved
  • the server is set up
  • Research and ordering of servers and hosting
  • the fundraiser started (this has nothing with the progress to do, we will get it up no matter what, but any funds raised will secure the sites future and its development)
  • Signed a law firm to make sure the site complies with all legislation
  • Contacting various legal firms in search of signing a bureau to protect the site and the ccc against future problems
  • The CCClub takes over
  • Research about all legal issues, the costs involved to take over, host and maintain the database.
  • Negotiations with previous owners about allowing the ccclub to take over their beautiful legacy.
    Sincerely Marianne 
    Head of PR ccclub

We hope that you will help us with two things:

  1. report any broken links, errors, language errors and anything else that is not working or correct. We will not fix all problems but they help us understand what features we need to add to the new site.
    Please use the “Report form” provided on the site to submit your input to us or email
  2. We need help translating this site and the database we are building. If you are fluent in at least TWO languages and want to contribute to  the best database in the world and be part of making breed history, please use the “translation form” provided on the site to let us know what language you can help translate or email

“Important Notice: There are rumors that the site are ( being made into a “paid” site and/or that we will change it totally. Please do not spread those speculations, the site ( will ALWAYS be a public information page for the breed (its the whole point of it being owned by a non-profit organization). All pictures, dogs and lists will always be accessed for free without login. The things we WILL change are those legally required due to the ownership change.

Thank you for your support, trust and donations!

Sincerely Marianne Treasurer CCClub”