Utställningar CCC (english)

Welcome to CCC:s Official Springspecial in Sundsvall, Sweden 8th april 2018 (inside)

Judge: Juha Kares, Finland



Classes and fees:


Class Pris per hund  

Puppies 4-6 och 6-9 months old

150 SEK

Junior, 9-18 month, intermediate 15-24 months, open 15 months, championclass  

350 SEK

Veteranklass (from 8 years)

100 SEK




If your dog is entereing a show in Sweden for the first time you need to email a copy of your dogs pedigree to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

Foreign owners need to be members of their countrys breedclub, if there is no breedclub they need to be members in their countrys FCI-Kennel Club.

At the show you can enter in specialclasses: child with dog, youngster with dog, man with dog, brace-class, siblings-class, toy class (child and veteran) Price sek 50.--


Last entry and paydate: March 8th 2018

When paying from abroad:

IBAN SE10 8000 0802 1800 4004 9348

Swift adress SWEDSESS


Your entry can be sent to Karin Johansson, Gnallen Vegas Hage, 640 24 Sköldinge or by link on CCC:S webpage, http://sdhk.net/anmalan_ccc/internetanm.php


Your dog may only be entered in one (1) class. All owners to swedish dogs must be members in the CCC. Foreign owners must be members in the clubs in their country.

In Breeders class you need four (4) dogs with your kennel prefix from at least 2 different kombinations.

In Progency class you need four (4) dogs by same sire or dam. In case you are showing the sire the dogs need to be from at leat two kombinations.



Upcoming shows

2017-05-06 in Lidköping (inside), judge: Carsten Birk , Danmark (females) and Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland (males)


2017-07-09 in Alfta, judge: Peter Machetanz, Germany (males) and Martha Heine, Germany (females)

2018-04-08 in Sundsvall, judge: Ole Staunskjaer, Danmark and Juha Kares, Finland

2018-09-09 in Alunda/Gimo, judge: Toshinori Omura, Japan and Yasumasa Shida, Japan


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